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Name: Soggy <3
Real Name: Elizabeth <3
Age: 15 <3
Gender: Female <3
Music: hip-hop, rap, R&B, rock (all types) <3
About Dixie: Dixie is my oldest character being seven or eight years old. At first his design depicted a young man with long black hair and blue eyes, I got tired of the hair after a while and decided to give him a very short cut (his eyes changed to purple at this point) then after about a year or so I decided to make it a moppy, medium cut, his eyes changed black with this haircut. The hair stuck like glue, but his eyes were always changing for me, yellow, black, brown, red, black again, the finally (and currently) pink. Somewhere along the way I decided to add little things like what illnesses he might have (such as why he sometimes needs an eye patch) and birth marks, such as the cross on his left cheek. He started out as 20 and shrunk to 17 after a while, he's 16 at the moment. His skin tone also varied for a while, but I decided a pale milky shade suited him best. <3
About Dolly: The original idea of Dolly was conspired so I could draw Dixie in his own comic, I'd tried before with past projects called Cigarettes, Close To You and Dixie, but all ended up being made of fail. :[ The various ideas from these past projects however helped me think of an exiting plot for Dolly. I'm very happy with this current idea, and highly doubt I'll drop this project. <3
My style?: Yeah, alot of people wonder how my style developed. So imma tell you. When I first started drawing manga and anime style my insperation was Miasaki, I'm sure most of you are familiar with his work, after that I think my main influences have been Yun Kouga (Loveless), and probably some of CLAMP's stuff (primarily Wish).